About us

Classis Supervisor - Rev. Don MacDonald          Pastor - John Rehling

Treasurer - Robert Elsinga                                   Deacon - Linda Lusby

Deacon - Al Decker                                              Clerk/Elder: Judith Kohler

Deacon - Jim Buckner                                          Elder:  Robert Elsinga           

Office Administrator - Debbie Gallagher                        

PREACHING SCHEDULE:  with Pastor John Rehling our Sunday Morning Worship Service @ 9:30 a.m.

Bible Study and Prayer Meets from September thru June...

During the next several weeks we will be looking at what Christians believe.  It will be opportunity for those who are not Christians to get a better understanding of what Christianity is all about. For those who are new believers it will be a time to get a better grasp as to the basics of Christian faith.  And, for those who have been Christians for some time it will be a time to reflect and grow in their faith and knowledge.  We would like to invite everyone to join us in our study of what the Bible teaches us about the basics of the Christian faith.

 Please come join us...